Danielle Van Meter

I'm Danielle; a writer with a penchant for the brazen and the unusual. As an American citizen who has lived most of my life in South Africa, I have a nose for stories that juxtapose realities and narratives that integrate cultures. I've interned for two magazines on an editorial basis, and my work has been published in various magazines and blogs. Though I spend a lot of my free time working on short stories and poetry, I also love the challenge of writing a well-timed report, a thoughtful essay, or literary criticism.

Third Culture Adult —

Before a couple of days ago, I didn’t know how to mail a letter in the US. I Googled it extensively but still ended up embarrassing myself at the post office, searching for the handle on the mailbox for five minutes, praying that no one in the apartment above me was looking out their window right at that moment. The lady who worked there was skeptical, like my lack of knowledge on something as simple as putting a piece of paper through a slot was a disrespectful prank. It wasn’t. I’m just a woma

The Poetic Hill - November 2017

Poet Danielle Van Meter is an American citizen, born and bred in South Africa, “where the grass grows wild” and where her husband was raised. She is a freelance writer who says that she is “constantly scribbling away on laptops, the backs of her hands, and airplane drink napkins.” The poem below is one she performed at the Poets’ [email protected]’s open-mic event in May. I should have known when you said you dreamt of me. I should have run. No true gentleman ever admits to seeing other